SE MOD 901


The SE MONITOR 901 was developed to the same criteria as the SE MASTERING MONITORS:

  • Passive two-way systems oriented to the physically ideal point source
  • Electromechanical optimisation of the dynamic behaviour
  • Consistent focus on the acoustic transmission quality

It employs the innovative SE tweeter which combines a ring radiator as driver with a short horn. This enables a wide frequency range, low distortion and high dynamics. In combination with the SE Bassreflex in the low frequency range, both monitors are true full range transducers.

As a floor-standing loudspeaker, the SE MOD 901 is intended for listening situations in the living room or lounge; the typical listening distances range from 2 - 3 m.

The monitor impedance curve is uncritical.

Transistor, digital or valve amplifiers delivering 20-160W may be used.